Ryzen: How AMD Builds On Great Foundations

​June 2017​

​​​​​​​AMD works continuously with partners on improvements for Ryzen™ products. Whether it's improving AMDs technology through greater compatibility or performance improvements, or simply providing more detail when it comes to compatible hardware and guides, AMD strives to build a strong and enjoyable eco-system for both its partners and their customers.

Memory Improvements

Regarding memory compatibility, we recently made a major step forward with latest AGESA (AMD Generic Encapsulated System Architecture)  version (as discussed in a recent AMD Ryzen community blog) addressing the two of the largest areas of customer feedback about Ry​zen:

  1. The addition of 26 new memory timing parameters, making it easier than ever to overclock1 to DDR4-3200 and beyond.
  2. ​New support for PCI Express® ACS, which is a major boon for Linux® enthusiasts that play PC games in a Windows® Virtual Machine.

DDR4-2667 is the maximum supported JEDEC speed for AMD Ryzen™ processors, for one DIMM per channel of single-rank DDR4. For speeds above DDR4-2667, many modules employ a non-standard overclocking profile "XMP 2.0" for increased speeds with non-JEDEC timings and voltages.

With the latest AMD AGESA or newer based BIOSes, many AMD socket AM4 motherboards are able to support these profiles by simply selecting the overclock profile (D.O.C.P., A-XMP, or XMP) in the BIOS. Memory overclockers have had great success with memory kits based on Samsung memory chips, and even broader success with AGESA beta BIOSes available now.

Refer to the motherboard manufacturer manual for specific details on memory overclocking, as it may change from product to product. The web resources below also offer details of Ryzen™ compatible memory, as tested by the memory man​ufacturer. Please see the specific AM4 motherboard memory support list for a more detailed list of compatible memory kits.​

​ ​CPU Thermal Solution Availability:

With the introduction of a new platform like AM4, it is necessary to detail the compatibility with third party thermal solutions.  We have included a sample list of coolers that are currently available and are compatible with the AM4 platform.​

The latest PC Build guides from renowned PC publication, Hardware.FR, showcase Gaming, Power Gaming, and Power User build guides featuring powerful Ryzen-based configurations:

Additionally, you might enjoy this video embedded below in which NVIDIA states "for the price to performance ratio, the Ryzen 7 1700X just hits a sweet spot that we can't ignore":

Ryzen Tools:

This list is intended to be informational only and inclusion is not intended as an endorsement by AMD. AMD makes no claims and provides no assurances or guarantees regarding this information. We suggest following the guidance provided by your specific vendors’ support sites and user manuals. AMD is under no obligation to keep this list up to date. For further information on these vendors and the specific models of memory kits, please contact the parties directly.​
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