The AMD FX™ Processor: Powerful PC Gaming on an Attractive Budget

​​​​​​The AMD FX™ Processor has a proven history of delivering more cores than the competition and the highest clock speeds you can get on a desktop PC, making it an outstanding budget processor choice. With four- to eight-core models available, each featuring the most cache memory in its segment, and options that include the high-performance AMD Wraith Cooler, the AMD FX™ processor is an excellent choice for a gaming PC that delivers incredible performance and value.1AMD FX Processor | Image

​​The AMD FX™ Processo​​r: The Most Cores in its Class​

Modern graphics APIs like DirectX® 12 and Vulkan™ are built to take advantage of all the CPU cores you can throw at them in order to deliver increased performance and smoother gaming experiences. With at least 2x the core count that of similarly-priced processors, AMD’s FX™ processor offers a clear advantage.1​

​Those extra CPU resources also come in handy when you’re multitasking, like when you’re streaming music or video while you play online. You’ll also see performance advantages with multi-core CPUs in productivity tools like video editing and media encoding software.

​The AMD FX™ processor lineup includes eight-core processors for those looking for top-tier performance. For instance, the eight-core AMD FX™ 8350 is a great choice for gamers who are looking for smooth game play, but it’s also a strong option for streamers and content creators who value the extra horsepower.

​Budget Gamers Rejoice: The AMD FX™ Is Ultra-Competitively Priced​

One of the strongest advantages of AMD’s FX™ processor lineup is competitive pricing. With four- and six-core AMD FX™ 4000 and AMD FX™ 6000 series offered at a similar price as Intel’s dual-core Pentium™ and Core i3 options, and with eight-core AMD FX™ 8000 series processors priced similarly Intel’s four-core Core i5 models, the AMD option has a tremendous multi-processing advantage.2

​This is where the attraction for budget-friendly gamers really shines, and the AMD FX™ processor becomes the obvious choice. With very affordable pricing, particularly when paired with one of the new Radeon™ RX 460, 470, or 480 graphics cards, the potential to build a surprisingly powerful gaming rig with a low price-tag has never been so accessible.

​Removing Additional Expenses: The AMD Wraith Cooler​

Another great addition to the AMD FX™ processor line is the critically acclaimed AMD Wraith Cooler, available with select AMD FX™ processors like the FX™ 6350, FX™ 8350, and FX™ 8370.3

​Often, stock coolers that come bundled with processors are insufficient for gamers, and are quickly swapped out for pricey aftermarket cooling options.

But the AMD Wraith Cooler offers aftermarket-class thermal performance with near-silent operation, along with supernatural style thanks to its illuminated LED logo. The Wraith Cooler has been cited as the best stock cooler available, and you can find a great review at Tom’s Hardware​. This high-performance cooler reduces the chance of thermal throttling while keeping the noise levels low, removing the necessity of spending more on an aftermarket solution.

​Conclusion: The AMD FX™ Processor is the Obvious Choice for Budget PC Gaming​

The AMD FX™ processor offers incredibly high performance and value, with multiple cores to take advantage of new graphics technology such as DirectX®12 and Vulkan, and the highest clock speeds you can get on a desktop PC. In addition, the aftermarket-class AMD Wraith Cooler can save you even more money. Invest those savings into a competitively-priced Radeon™ RX 460, 470, or 480 graphics card, and you have high performance building blocks for an incredibly capable system that can deliver breathtakingly smooth gaming at full-HD 1080p and beyond.

​Simply put: if you’re a gamer who has a limited budget but you need a system that can deliver the performance and smooth experience you crave, it’s hard to find a better option than the AMD FX™ Processor.