AMD Radeon™ R9 380X Graphics Card - For Gamers Who Demand the Best

​​​​The Radeon R9 380X GPU’s Key Strengths

Launched in No​​vember 2015, the AMD Radeon R9 380X card offers more than just great gaming performance at HD resolutions. Those with a 4K TV will find it a great way to display 4K content from YouTube and other streaming services while content creators can utilise the raw power of the GPU to accelerate their content creation tasks.

Added to that the card supports two key technologies: Virtual Super Resolution and virtual reality. Through VSR, consumers can enhance their image quality by having the card process the image as if it was 4k and then sample down to an enhanced quality image depending on what their monitor will support. The Radeon R9 390X also supports VR, which will be important as the next gaming revolution takes off.

Key Features

​​• Support for DirectX® 12, Vulkan™, Mantle
All AIB partners will provide overclocked, custom cooled SKU’s meeting a wide range of consumer tastes
Ideal upgrade part for users on older GTX 660 or Radeon™ 7850 class GPUs

Why does that matter?

DirectX 12 is the latest API (think of it as a mini operating system for games) which allows the Windows operating system, games and the consumer’s hardware to communicate with each other. Games built on DirectX 12 take advantage of modern CPU and GPU technology to provide the user with exceptional performance. Many future AAA gaming titles will be built optimised for DirectX 12 and the Radeon R9 380X graphics card will run those games beautifully.

Add In Board (AIB) Partners are releasing their own cards in the Radeon R9 380X market segment allowing enthusiast gamers to build a system which best suits their needs. It also allows manufacturers to differentiate their card from the competition, for example focusing on low noise fan design, enhanced GPU speed (more MHz = higher performance in games) or stand out design. Be that higher quality components/cooler design or added LEDs for those who build systems with case windows.

An updated GPU can breathe new life into the gaming experience of an aging system and enthusiast gamers often upgrade on a 2-3 year cycle. As the Radeon R9 380X card uses standard power connectors and PCIe® slot, just like the 7850/GTX660 (launched 2012) it offers an easy solution for consumers. They simply remove their old graphics card, drop in the Radeon R9 380X GPU, update their drivers and get gaming. No need to upgrade/change any other component in their system. Here is a breakdown of the performance increase vs. previous generations:​

3DMark Fire Strike vs. previous generations | Image
​For full system configurations, see footnote1 below.

The Radeon R9 380X graphics card in Real World Gaming

Two of the most anticipated titles being released this holiday season are Fallout 4 and Star Wars™ Battlefront™. EA expects Battlefront to sell over 13 million units2. Shown below we have the performance of the Radeon R9 380X in those games, alongside our competitor’s product (both using identical system components). 

Gaming with Radeon R9 380X | Image

Key Specifications1

GPU speed in excess of 970MHz
4GB of GDDR5 Memory
2x 6pin Power connector
Typical power requirement 190W
PCIe 3.0 slot Compatible

For further information on the Radeon R9 380X graphics card you can access the “How to Sell the Radeon™ R9 300 Series graphics cards - November Update”.