What Your Customers Look For When Building Their Ryzen System

155 million or more Americans play video games and the PC gaming market is now worth over $30 billion and with 6% annual growth (CAGR) projected through 2019. More and more people are building their own systems and are clued in when it comes to what parts and system types they need. With more knowledge being accessible to the average consumer, consumers increasingly have a strong idea of the right parts they need.

In order to offer the best customer service and the right products, it's important to know what your customer is looking for and have knowledge of the parts you have in stock. AMD offers a wide range of Ryzen™ processors, and with options of graphics and other system components, the consumer has abundant choice when it comes to a system tailored for them.

​What Do Customers Look For In Their System?

Every consumer that visits your website or your store will have different needs, whether they're a gamer or need a powerful workstation. AMD conducted a research study to discover differences in global customers and their typical needs, which resulted in some interesting findings.

The processor holds great buying power when it comes to looking at systems, with a significant portion of the buying decision reserved for the processor. When offering systems, focus on systems with processors that match consumer needs. Balancing the processor needs with price will be important, as price was a high priority factor when making a buying decision.

For example, a simple home user with basic requirements such as media, light gaming and internet browsing won't need the incredible power that the Ryzen™ 7 1800X offers, but the Ryzen™ 5 1400 may be a better fit for their needs and likely their price bracket.

The Ryzen series of processors offers a variety of options with various cores, clocks, caches and overclocking possibilities1. Ryzen is ideally positioned across the processor spectrum to deliver a strong and satisfying experience at the right price point, no matter the use-case.

Other important factors to consider when offering components and/or systems to consumers:

  • Consumers will use varying amounts of system memory depending on their usage. Ryzen accommodates DDR4 RAM, with the most cache memory in its class for lightning-fast responsiveness2. Discuss with customers their typical day-to-day usage and decide how much system memory their usage will require, as well as understanding their future needs.

  • System storage is something consumers look for in their system, as more and more content is consumed and stored digitally. Ensure you accommodate this requirement by discussing storage needs with your customers, including their future needs.

  • Gamers and graphic-intensive application users will undoubtedly need a dedicated GPU. The AMD Radeon™ RX series of GPUs scales wonderfully in both power, performance and price, with every use-case from esports to VR, beyond-HD gaming and graphics rendering considered and supported.

​Giving Your Customers A Little Extra: Build The Best Ryzen System For Every Consumer

Ryzen is a brand-new platform and is still cementing itself as a strong and more than capable offering in the processor market. There are many ways to increase the performance of a Ryzen-driven system.

Offer your customers that additional helping hand when setting up a powerful Ryzen system with some additional hints, guidance and advice:

  1. Ensure customers update their firmware and drivers for both their motherboard and other system components. Staying up to date with the latest updates typically results in the best performance.

  2. Ryzen processors have fantastic capabilities when it comes to taking advantage of fast system RAM, but there are many considerations to make when discussing memory options with consumers, including speeds and varying kits. The Ryzen series of processors offer overclocking, making a memory kit that supports DDR4-2667 speeds a great starting point.

  3. The Windows power plan in use on each system can impact performance. Ideally, consumers will want to use the Ryzen™ Balanced power plan, included in the AMD chipset driver, which delivers superb performance, system responsiveness, and efficiency.

  4. A tweaking guide wouldn't be complete without the recommendation of overclocking1. All Ryzen processors are unlocked and should be a serious consideration for any customer who needs as much system performance as possible. For example, the Ryzen 7 1700 has a base clock of 3.0GHz with many reporting overclocks of around 3.9GHz, a full 30% higher than the base clock. Not forgetting the RyzenTM 7 1800X which currently holds an overclocking world record!

​(For a full guide on building a better Ryzen system, see the full article which includes the above tips and more here: https://community.amd.com/community/gaming/blog/2017/03/14/tips-for-building-a-better-amd-ryzen-system )

Ryzen: Your Customers Want It, Whatever Their Needs

​Ryzen is a powerful offering for any consumer, no matter their requirements. Consumers have become increasingly conscious of their options for creating or purchasing a system with various components, and what each component means to them.

Help your customer choose the right system, supported by the incredible power of a Ryzen CPU and the fantastic AMD drivers, software and support to go with it.​

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