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 AMD Enabled Platforms

​​​​​​​​​​Here’s what our infrastructure partners offer to enhance AMD platform and technology.​

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Mini PCs At-A-Glance
Mini PCs are versatile, compact and can be used for home or office. Powered by AMD, these potential revenue generators are small in size but big in performance​.​​ Mini PCs At-A-Glance brings you the latest models by SAPPHIRE and Gigabyte. 

AIO At-A-Glance
​AIO is gaining in popularity since its space saving design is often loaded with impressive features and high quality built-in display. Take a look at what our ODM​s have to offer and you may just find your next sales opportunity there.

Laptop At-A-Glance
​From gaming to everyday computing, these latest offerings from our ODM p​artners will ensure a fast, smooth, and brilliant laptop experience leveraging AMD technologies.

Tablet At-A-Glance
​​An easy way to find the latest AMD-powered tablets built by ODM Partners. Popularity of tablets has grown tremendously in the last few years. New models are lighter, thinner, and more sophisticated in design. Tablets At-A-Glance brings you some of the latest AMD powered models for potential sales opportunities.

AMD Platform Enhancing Products
​​Check out what our infrastructure partners offer to enhance AMD platform and technology. Your next sales opportunities may be here.

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